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Standout from the competition with a custom-designed website & SEO.

Standout from the competition with a custom-designed kvCORE website.

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What is local SEO & it is important for real estate agents?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is optimization of code and content of a website to be seen (rank) for keywords that one wants to target in search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Local SEO for Realtors focuses on increasing search engine visibility for real estate agents that serve their communities. These can be realtors who focus on a single are or a geographical area. Local SEO includes everything from claiming a business listing to ensuring a location appears in a local search on Google and in Google Maps.

Realtors need to focus on organic, optimized, and evergreen content that will generate leads for FREE without having to rely on paid ads.

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Built Using WordPress

Custom Real Estate Website with your CRM IDX Integration

Elevate and take control of your online presence with a fully custom-built real estate website that fully integrates your CRM’s IDX (such as kvCORE). No more need to use the design limitations of your CRM’s built-in website. Package includes initial SEO setup, blog, featured properties, video feed, social media feed, landing pages, squeeze pages, agent attraction funnel, and so much more.

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kvCORE Web Design & SEO

A photo of a computer showing website sample of a basic kvCORE website setup package for real estate agents.

Basic kvCORE Website

Basic initial website design & SEO setup to get you up & running quickly.


A photo of a website sample of a deluxe kvCORE website setup package for real estate agents.

Deluxe kvCORE Website

Deluxe kvCORE website design & seo setup & design to match your branding.


A photo of a computer desk with a premium custom kvCORE website setup for real estate agents

Premium kvCORE Website

Custom kvCORE website design & SEO setup designed to rank locally.


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Why you should work with me?

15+ years of real marketing experience!

I have over 15 years of experience working in the marketing industry with a specialty in web design and online optimization. I am not an influencer or realtor turned “marketer.” I am a digital marketer who got his real estate license. I have a proven track record of delivering quality work and proven marketing strategies.

I have taken my 15-plus years of experience in marketing and coupled that with my real estate experience to provide real estate professionals the needed tools and resources they need to stand out from the competition, generate leads, and convert them into clients.

I want to see your real estate business thrive in any market.

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kvCORE Lead Generation Course

Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Course

In this 5-module course, Tharmila Rajasingam will teach you how to effectively use your smart CRM, kvCORE Platform to grow and scale your real estate business. There is NO OTHER training like this on the market.

You will learn actionable marketing strategies to leverage this powerful real estate technology to generate, nurture, and convert leads–beyond the technical “how to”. This is a strategy-based course, not just another tutorial on how kvCORE works.

You’ll be equipped with an everyday usage strategy to integrate into your existing system as a part of your daily workflow. kvCORE is a complete tech ecosystem to put your business growth on autopilot.

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A picture of a computer screen featuring a kvCORE Lead Generation & Real Estate Marketing Course